Panache at Rose Hill



The authors, Shirley Sandy and Barbara Duke, invite you to share their creative recipes featuring traditional southern ingredients and tour Panache at Rose Hill via this remarkable new cookbook.

The Panache at Rose Hill cookbook features such traditional Southern recipes as:

  • Ma's Dumplings
  • Buttermilk Pie with Blackberry Sauce
  • Almond Chicken Salad
  • Squash Casserole

and recipes with an innovative twist:

  • Vishysquash Soup (Cream of Squash Soup)
  • Deep Fried Pickled Okra
  • Corn Cakes with Caviar
  • Pecan Catfish and Sweet Potato Chips
  • Rose Hill Punch
  • Black-eyed Pea Pâté served with Spoon Bread
Dedicated to preserving
Southern Heritage with food.


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Panache at Rose Hill
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